Tony Middleton

Middleton A.J. (Tony) 91 years 7/9/2022

We were advised of Tony’s passing  in September by his son Jeff. Tony was a regular correspondent for the newsletters each year letting us know what was happening in his life.The most recent was in March 2021 “Tony Middleton wrote “Greatly appreciated your card on my 90th Birthday—thanks Kathy, President and Committee Members. Thankfully, I keep pretty well, but a bit slow on my feet these days (Have crossed the Kokoda Trail and Marathons off my Bucket List). I live in an independent Regis Unit and have a quality life. Still enjoy painting in Oils (mainly) and listening to music through the Internet­­­ anything from Lady GaGa to Beethoven, or Puccini. Had a big Family get together for my birthday with 4 of my Great Grandchildren down from the country. Seemed to go on for days­ bit like a Greek Wedding. Good wishes to all and trust 2021 will improve for all the World.”