John Fearnley

FEARNLEY J.J. (JOHN) 81 YEARS 4/06/2022

Helen Fearnley advised that husband John had suffered from serious illnesses for the past 4 years but was a fighter and will be missed by the family.Helen said that she was the daughter of John Hobbs, a Senior Executive in Staff Department at the time of merger of ANZ and ES&A when she and John married. She was transferred to ES&A and John to ANZ, and they were happily married for 52 years. The marriage featured in the local press with headlines along the lines of “Happy Merger, Happy Family”.David Jones and Bruce Mathrick texted to say that their old Treasury chum John Fearnley passed away on 4/06/2022.” A quiet man of integrity who you could rely on and trust in the support roles he held.”